Why I created these programs

Be honest, do you think I am just a skinny girl?
Here is the truth:


This is me about 70 lbs heavier than I weigh now. At my heaviest I was 90 lbs overweight. I hurt, I had to hold my breathe to tie my shoes, I wore clothes to hide my rolls. It sucked. I told myself I was fine, and that maybe I was just big boned, or that I like to eat. I was lying to myself because the truth was too scary to see, until one day I just looked…..

I know you are busy. It’s a busy world out there. I know you have tons to do, ALL the time. This is why I created these programs. You deserve to get your workout on too! I know taking some time for you (though it might be hard to get used to at first) will help you be more creative, productive, loving, supportive and a happier person to be around. Let’s get started…


In 2017 I began weaving in Universal Health Principles into my work. I feel like my clients are reaching new heights with this added elelmet.



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