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Just chill

I am incorporating more and more rest into my workouts come and check them out.

What is your vice?

Road Rage

Better than stretching

Be a good instructor?

Pilates Fusion

Do you ever feel sorta crazy, like your problems or worries are getting bigger and bigger each moment like a building dark stormy cloud?

Trees and (RE) setting.


Mental Health. 5 minutes to mental clarity and energized body.

This is powerful stuff folks.
We need this.
It is medicine.
My challenge for you : Be your own laugh doctor- how much do you need and how often.

I’ve subscribed myself 5-10 minutes daily. Sometimes more.

Sometimes it’s just me driving in my car – faking it til I make it. It starts with a forced ha ha ha.
And very often ends with a genuine giggle fest.
Your body produces more endorphines, your cells respond to the laughter, the smile and the joy – even if your faking it, It has been shown to make your body literally happier.


a new workout for you.

When was the last time you…

Explore the Mystery.

The Sente Center

Shame. and Choices.


Tone your abs while sitting down.

Sore Throat?


Power.Warning: What I am about to say may cause you to feel something.

I used to see these things and secretly curse them,
convinced they were evil.
That they were destorying our planet

Now perhaps all of that is true. Although, I am open to it meaning something new.

What I realized (for me) is that :

1. to live my life the way I am currently – I actually need said ‘evil’ things.

2. If I need them and constantly curse them — in a way I am also cursing myself. Projecting negative thoughts about me to me for using and depending on these things. To some degree.

3. If I do in fact really want change I have to ask myself. How can I support a whole new system. A system built on sustainabilty, variety that honors my love of technology, electricity, energy, mother earth and trees?

That’s a lot. Especially because I am not an expert at this.

What stemed some of this was the comments I was beginning to hear around me…..
” I live totally off the grid…Its really cool, hey
can I just plug in my phone real quick? I need to charge it.”

or the fact that I used to be embarassed to admit to people that my husband’s job is drawing and designing the pipelines and catchment systems for natural gas. Then he helped me to see that my house and every house in the neighborhood is plummed for natural gas, it is how I make my food, and the plastic used to make my car, throw my trash into, and the places my clothes are made use it too. It is everywhere. And we have no alternatives.
It seems the alternatives we have come up with are like bandaids?

I found myself questioning big things. It sort of scared me.
Is it more that we don’t want the scar of a pipeline disrupting our view than we don’t want (or maybe just don’t know how) to choose something else?

Is it that sweep it under the rug thing.
If we dont see it then it is easy to pretend that we are not totally wrapped up in it? and we can just blame “THEM” – whoever them is?

These were some really hard questions to ask and look at in my own life. eek.

The new way? It doesn’t exist yet. And with everything moving so fast who wants to invent something new– cause the time it takes to implement it…we will be totally behind. It seems like a tough race to win.

The skeptic in me just began to see that if we really want something different we really have to get creative and come up with something else. Is our plan really to ban plastic bags only to enforce buying cloth ones?It seems that we need 100+ of (which costs energy and material etc) because we can’t even remember to use them? Raise your hand if you own more than 20. (my hand is raised).

Granted – I know there are some really amazing things happening I am not trying to undermine anyone or thing. I am frustrated and scared. I’m looking for new ideas.

Even thou we are not nessecarily the ones who are drilling, frakcing, putting up cell towers etc etc. we are the ones demanding their need, their use etc. For me, I just decided to own my choice instead of deny it.

I choose power. I like it. I enjoy the things I have and that I am able to use them and experience their magic. That doesn’t mean I leave the lights on all night, or the heater when I am not home. {wink}

We are smart.
One of my dreams is for there to be “an idea center” where people fund and design peoples ideas on how to make energy more sustainable.

For instance, our brains make enough eletricity each day to power a light bulb. (see more here) #wow

If this is true is there a way for our homes, cars, etc to be powered in a different way. Is one way the only way? What is the best way for both our planet and our advancing technology and our need for it? Honestly, I don’t know maybe this is all for not and there is some amazing something out there that is changing our world drastically. I want to know about it.

What if our planet is just adapting? What if it can heal itself in the same way our bodies can? What if we focused on that? Imagine how that could shift our perceptions and ideas.

I do not know the answers. I am simply questioning my conditioning. I am now choosing to say thank you to these objects that produce power. Becauase in some way they support the way I am living, and thus supporting me more fully and also our connection, right now.

What are your ideas? How can we create a different kind of change or energy?
I do not think it is bad – any of it.

I am simply curious if there is another way. A way to live that better suites our needs, and can we get there without total collapse? or is collapse the only way?

It’s tricky to talk about such a contraversial topic. Take what you like and leave the rest. What does it stir up in you? Do you land on a new perspective?


Is happiness possible?

What does gratitude feel like?

Where do you workout?

What do you do in this situation?

Embarassed to admit.

Legs. Take a quick break a join us, I can do this one in jeans – so can you.

Please comment on your experiences and let me know if You have any questions you would like me to share my opinion with you in this video format. Thanks Y’all it is truly a pleasure.