Universal Health Principles tm

What is Universal Health Principles TM?

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I have been trained to tap into the innate wisdom that lives in each of us, and because we live in a world where there are tons of things happening (both inside and outside of your body) comminucation inside your body may deteriorate, not because you don’t care or aren’t eating the right kind of kale, its simply because there is a thing called stress and it is slowing down communication. 
It is normal.
The sessions that I have been trained to ‘give’ are  in full support of your body healing itself, and imporving the communication within YOUR system. 
 UHP improves communication within one’s body.
Your body will show us things that are a priority and nothing will come up that you are not ready to go thru, so there is no risk. 
I love that this whole system is backed by science. This work shifts your nervous system from flight/fight/freeze mode into parasympathetic , which is where healing, digestion, true rest, insight and stress release happen naturally. 
This can also be done long dsitance and is every bit as effective as in person. 

What is a session like?

Basically, a session looks like you laying down comfortably and me pulling on your wrist, and then tapping you gently on the head and over the heart. The session tends to last somewhere between 30 -50 minutes. The client is active and awake for the session although many report feeling very relaxed and safe during the whole session.

What are people saying about their sessions, and life after sessions?

-“I am not sure what you ‘did’ – but ever since our session I am so much more relaxed and I even talked to my mom this morning, usually that is not a very relaxing situation…..” – Amber
-” I haven’t clenched my jaw since our session, I guess I am just surprized at the relief especially because it wasn’t directly part of our session, Thank you Alissa.” – JoAnne
-“I can not say that I can pinpoint a difference, but the experience was really magical. I could feel such a connection to my body and the links that were coming up, It felt like I was caring and communicating with my self on a whole new level. ” -Karen

How much does a session cost?

I do a single session for $80, and a pack of 5 sessions for $350. Upon request, a short complimentary session can be done prior to the actual sessions. This is because of the experience, sessions are as unique as we are so to properly explain sometimes its best to just try it. 

What types of things come up?

Well, really anything. For instance: let’s just say you hurt your knee in your late teens, and there was a bit of emotion stored there, or that your knee was ‘in shock’, well life continued to happen, but somehow the knees consciousness continued to be in the shock of the event and became a ‘not so good listener’ – this is all and well, except that what happens when the muscle cells around the knee are needed to respond to what is happening right now?  When all that needs to happen is that the let’s say kidney meridian needed to “talk” or link to the knee. In chinese medicine the Kidney merdidian has to do with fear, anxiety and nervousness. When balanced it  promotes healthy metabilism, immunity and sexual potency. Seems simple, yet the conversation between these two things can drastically change the fabric of ones body and thus life.

I enjoy the level of trust that is created between a client and myself. Its easy and its natural. I have yet to have someones most feared thing come up on their forst or even 3rd session. Your body looks out for you, it will only bring up the deep deep stuff if your ready to go there, so relax and trust your body. It’s got you.

About the creator.

Laura Hames Franklin is the founder of the Universal Health Principles system + Superhuman School. Universal Health Principles is a system based on the innate principles of creation and function. UHP was created from the culmination of 12 years of study within the most cutting-edge movement, anatomy, unified psychics and energy medicine methods. She is the creator of Wholly Shift, a trailblazing, live, online program where participants are guided through unique experiences to support inner change on the subconscious level that ripple out into all areas of life- health, relationships, business, fitness, wealth, self worth, and more. Originally from Brighton, England Laura earned her Bachelor’s in Dance and Theatre Performance at Middlesex University in London. With a passionate interest in health, movement, and fitness Laura moved to New York in 2004, and shortly thereafter became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. BodyTalk is an integrative healthcare system which uses a holistic approach to healing based on proven principles of energy medicine. In 2005, Laura became a Certified Franklin Method Educator. Founded by her husband, Eric Franklin, the method combines dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment, and education to create positive change in body and mind. Laura also completed Nassim Haramein’s Delegate Program as a part of his research organization, the Resonance Project. Haramein’s Unified Field Theory of physics is based on the dynamics and science of the inter-relationship of all things and how this can be used to access unlimited energy. Through Laura’s years of in-depth and high-level study in the sciences the universe, anatomy, imagery, and innate self-healing, she quickly came to realize that these fundamental aspects of life are not separate entities, but rather essential pieces to create lasting, positive change on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Thus, the fully integrated system Universal Health Principles was created.

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Weaving together some Franklin Method, Universal Health Principles and a 20 min killer workout. 
I am moving the results and the feedback has been tremendous. 
Opening people up to the brilliance that lives inside of each one of us. 
Creating more communication inside your body, so you function better – and it will show on the outside too. 
Using Franklin Method to bring you back to a calm nervous system, mindfulness to help you let go of the stress and anxiety, and actually enjoy just being. 
1:1 sessions (45 minutes- 1 hour long) each week for 5 weeks. Online.
 1 set of Franklin Method balls. (within United States)
Sessions includes:
20 min workout.
UHP session
Unique Franklin Method embodiment
text/email support (you choose)
access to my online floor class ( 4 new 30 min workouts each month + cardio)
support from other participants via FB- depends on each clients wishes.
weekly card pulling / “fortune for the week”
and more goodies and guest teacher/ interviews. etc.
ALL this for $250
This is a super good deal, and I won’t be doing this again.
So if you want to get on the train now please do. I can set up a payment plan if you need.

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