Privates in the Park.

I will be incorporating Franklin Method into physical movements that will help to support you in life.

Sessions can be specific about pain, stress relief, target areas, or overall support.

You will leave with experience and information to continue your journey where ever you go.

I will be offering 6 times in April – to meet with you 1:1.

Normally a private with me runs $85/hour.

You spring deal $44 *limit 2*

Mondays April 13, 20 , 27 at 2 pm.

Wednesdays April 8, 15, and 22  at 12- noon

These will fill up fast.

 Not local?

You can still reserve your space.

  we will work together via Skype.

I will walk you thru the set up.

Join the many woman who work with me online.

You may be surprized how easy and fun it can be.



Privates available as space allows. Minimum 3 month commitment.

Contact me for details, application and pricing. alissaraehill@gmail.com

Do you want a moving, experiential speaker? Looking for something new? Specializing in motivation and movement, applicable for all humans. see above contact info.

Looking forward to ‘see’ing you soon.

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