“Here’s why I love Alissa’s online floor class: I can tune in whenever it works for my schedule for however long I want; I can mix and match between cardio and sculpting; the routines change every 10 days so I don’t get tired of them; Alissa gives options for degrees of difficulty; I can take Alissa with me when I travel; and best of all, I feel energized in body, mind and spirit every time I give myself the gift of working out with Alissa online!”
-Alison B-

Well today was a wonderful deep dive into this journey.  Thank you, I am thrilled.  The work you do blows me away- how it is essentially as back to the basics as can be- simple body mechanics and how it is also as mysterious, deep, symbolic, emotional, soulful and transformational.  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.
My abs are seriously feeling it- already, just going through the rest of the afternoon. And I am in awe of my body. – Amanda R-H.


“Alissa’s classes are fun and effective without being ‘pain for gain’ torture or a place where it’s easy to get injured. It’s appropriate for everyone, whatever level.”  – Karen Horn. – Karen has two cats and likes being outside when its sunny and blue skied.

“Alissa is dedicated to helping students heal and become more aware of their own bodies and how they work. I appreciate her genuine support and patience. I feel like she really cares.”  – Barbara Shor, is an animal communicator, author and speaker that lives in southern Oregon.

” After taking a live class series with Alissa Rae, I feel more confident, better about my body, I am looking better in my body, My body and I have a better relationship, and I am aware of how my thoughts were holding e back. Thanks.”  – Jennifer Knehule, spends 80% of her time taking care of her 1 year old, and loves the outdoors.

“I have more strength and trust in my bodies ability to heal- Alissa’s classes helped me find a new perspective on this.”

“Alissa’s cIMAG0010lasses are in a word, unique. As I learn about my body from the inside out, I feel more fully alive and integrates in every aspect of my life.” – Anne Bartlett, who also does coaching with Alissa Rae, loves walking her 2 dogs on a sunny 72 degree day.

“I feel like using the zip breathe (an exercise from class) keeps my energy contained so that I am not leaking my energy or letting others ‘suck me’- Since working with Alissa my back pain is gone. When I do get an occasional twinge when over doing it I know how to correct it and will do some of the exercises from class.” – Rebecca Gold, walks her dogs ever morning, and spends many hours on the computer daily.

“Alissa uses lots of imagery to help explain, and support exercise. She teaches you to notice and honor experiences, limitations, and how to find joy in movement.” – Martha Abshear is retired and loves to garden and have adventures.

“Alissa Rae has a very developed understanding of the human body what is needed to improve posture, range of motion, and strength. She has a positive and inspiring teaching style and accommodates individual needs. I have personally experienced freedom from lower back pain and have better posture. I always look forward to attending her classes.” -RG

Alissa’s ability to transform my body has been amazing, its like I have a new body- one I love madly, a new perspective- which allows me to relax and thus a new life. Thank you. I totally recommend Alissa Rae’s programs.”- Mandy Stark, 35 years old, mother of 2, loves to draw and hike.