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Ongoing Online Floor Class.

In these workouts and programs, I use many different movement modalities:

  • dance.
  • calisthenics.
  • inspiration from nature.
  • athletics.
  • yoga.
  • pilates. 
  • ballet.
  • intuition.
  • ideokinesis.
  • imagery.
  •  mindful~ness. Heartful-ness.
  • and more.

In Live classes I also use the Franklin Method. 

You will also learn how:

  • to strengthen your inner ‘calm’ muscles (nervous system).
  • create a deeper mind-body connection.
  • Train your system to hear one’s own inner guidance and body wisdom more clearly.

Would you like to feel vibrant and calm more often in your life (and body) no matter what you are doing?

Let the program meet you where you are now.

$9.99/ month 

includes up to 6 workouts a month, support from fellow participants and other surprise goodies.




These products are non refundable.

Do you need an extra push or Someone to support you and help you along? I am your girl. Check out the frosting and cherry on top packages for a truly amazing experience.

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“I was really skeptical of doing an online course because I thought I would just give up, I didn’t want to waste my time and money. I talked to Alissa directly, she let me do a trial, and I could feel even through the videos that she was the real deal. I also love her creative ways to keep me accountable and how to weave some of these things into my daily life. I now after 5 months have my body back to what it was pre kids- although I feel stronger and calmer than ever, it is awesome. This is so much more than a workout for me! Thank you Alissa.”

– Megan Stevens, 45 years old, landscape artist. Loves walking her dogs, playing with her kids and cooking.

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