What you MUST know about being your own trainer.

What you MUST know about online workouts and being your own trainer.

I love that you are inspired to take YOUR health and your workouts to the next level. I have a few tips for you, first schedule your workouts! It is uber importante` (did you like how I just mixed two different languages there?)  Honestly, you know that if you write it down in your calendar it actually happens. Secondly, ask yourself how will you keep yourself accountable? Maybe you have a friend or a group you can turn to. I don’t mean to scare you away. I say this because I want to be realistic, I think it is awesome your ready to take charge and I want you to succeed. This could be your next level, your upgraded version of you and I want to see you get there, because I know you are worth it! Now with anything, blocks are bound to come up…and lastly I will ask, what is your support system? Where will you turn when your ‘resister’ (that little voice in your head that tells you “you are not worth it”) screams in your ear, and you believe it. Will you quit? Turn to something new? Give up all together? There is another option, and this option is all about making you stronger, smarter, and guiding you on your unique way towards who you want to be and how you want to feel in your body.


I Love being that person that reminds you why you are doing this. Suggesting new perspectives, re-framing words, styles and movements is one of my gifts. Thank you mama. Sometimes it has gotten me in trouble, and it is one of my gems to share with the world.

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praise1” Alissa’s ability to transform my body has been amazing, its like I have a new body- one I love madly, a new perspective- which allows me to relax and thus a new life. Thank you. I totally recommend Alissa Rae’s programs.” – MS

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