Do we need to have the MONEY talk?:
Let’s look at the breakdown.


  • dvdcost of a fitness DVD $15-25  “Shed the stress “online fitness program changes its workout every 10-12 days (5 workouts a month for the price of 2)- but the workout doesn’t ever change on a DVD….BORING.
  • cost of a gym membership $40-80/month Shed the Stress is available 24/7 you can workout when you have the time. most group classes at the gym are during specific hours. Plus you pay for your membership ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????with one use of the program.
  • cost of childcare $6-10/hr x 2-3 hours = $12-30/ PER WORKOUT!!! You can workout when your children are sleeping, playing or at school. workout twice and you hit the value of the class.


  • Yoga/pilates/dance class =$10-$15/class. Workout with Alissa once a week to break even. Workout twice a week and save $40- 80, three times a week save $ 80-140. You could buy a new outfit, go to the beach or have a wonderful meal out with a loved one for that! What will you do with the extra cash?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • transportation time. Shed the stress is do able where ever you have an internet connection and a device. Money and time saved here.This program could be done in the time it takes you to commute to the gym*
  • How many like minded people go to your workout class? how often do you learn from their mistakes in a safe, open, curious, fun community? Shed the stress PLUS  and PREMIUM allows women to deeply connect and create lasting change, heart felt support, accountability and  comradely. Priceless.

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