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Join us live. Sept 6th 5 pm. Bring a donation and get ready to sweat.

It is vital all humans find a balance between relaxation and stress. Stress can feel like alertness, focus or extreme awakening within. There is a delicate balance. In all Alissa’s classes there is an element of ebb and flow; finding your unique way through the movement, exercise, and experience mindfully.


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It is not so much I am teaching you just plain exercises.
What we experience together is a way of being, a way of fully living in your body and your center. shining your light.
We practice how to DO that and how to BE that which is already in you, just longing to be felt, expressed and seen.
Movement is our vehicle. Let’s go.
classical class description:
Sculpting and focus of Pilates, flow and connection of Yoga, vigor and grace of Dance, supported by science (Franklin Method) of your human design. Intuitively woven into a workout just for YOU.
I am also doing Privates/semi-privates upon request and availability.

Universal Health Principles TM 

Universal Helath principles shows you in a tangable way that your body can heal itself. UHP helps to improve the general communication within your body so that you can function better, with greater ease. I will tap into the innate wisdom within you, the same wisdom that lives within each one of us on planet earth. Though most of the session focuses on the subconscious mind (about 90%) of the time. It works to sort of clear away what you are not. Leaving the you underneath all that.
Would you like to try a free session? The experience is where its at. I often mix UHP into movement privates unpon request.
I am currently a Pre-Certified UHP PractitionerTM
I am available to share experience with groups of all sizes, individuals, companies and families.
Please contact me for more information.
541 292 4998


REGISTRATION STRONGLY SUGGESTED, and in some cases requires as space is limited.
Please call 541 292 4998 or email alissaraehill@gmail.com to reserve your space, or to ask questions.
**  No refunds, exchanges, or transfers. Ask for a personalized package if you plan to take more than one class or know ahead of time you will miss out on a class.
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