Highly Reccommended

I just can’t resist sharing some of the people, books, websites, articles and other bits that have influenced me and thus my work profoundly. Please check them out for yourself as you are called to.

The Franklin Method and Eric Franklin. I am a Certified educator, I love this work. I teach many live classes and workshops on the Franklin Method. I use the Franklin Method balls in ball rolling and sometimes for tapping as well. They can be ordered thru me or at optp.com. Eric Franklin also has Many books that are worth reading. Please if you are near a Franklin Method Educator or Mr. Franklin himself, go take some classes. It is like getting guided thru your human design.

Laura Hames Franklin. This lady is a rockstar! So fun and deeply intune. I have and am currently enjoying her online programs helping me become more of a Super Human!  Check out her Super human breakfast challenge here.

The late Julian Littleford, oh this man was so much more than a teacher for me, he was like a dear uncle. His family opened their hearts and home to me on multiple occasions. I learned Pilates thru him and then traveled with him, taught under him in his San Diego studio. This man taught me about being a human, caring for others and how to run a business. I miss him.

Marie Forleo’s B-school. Game changer! this program allowed me to get clear, and helped me take the proper steps for success in business (esp. online) and life.http://www.marieforleo.com/

Leonie Dawson, is a super charged fun hippy mama who creates really greate tools to help you strive. Calanders, journals, community, check her out here.

Mastery of the Heart school. Ashville, NC

Danielle Laporte, “the desire map” http://www.daniellelaporte.com/

Nourishing Traditions. So much more than a cook book.http://www.newtrendspublishing.com/SallyFallon/

Krysstine Hislop. http://drkrysstine.com/ a helper on so many levels, she is easy to talk to and gives so many useful tools of transformation.

Venessa Rahlston, Katey Baldwinn and Bonni Cook Yardley. The Soul Genesis team. Held me and helped me to grow.

Cassie Preskinis http://creativedance.me/ so much fun to be a part of a dance company for children, with a woman who is patient, energetic, fun and so wise. I love this.

My husband, my daughter  and my son are never far from my heart and without them I would not know the experience of love, patience and deep learning. I feel human and seen. They help to fill my cup.
Many, many others have influenced me and my life is constantly changed by my experiences and interactions. I am so grateful.