Q: What if the workout looks too tough? Is it for beginners?


A: My suggestion is to come along anyhow —  And make sure you have tried the FREE workout. freeworkoutEven if the workout seems too tough. It is designed to be a challenge for all, so at the beginning it does seem a little out of reach, that being said I am a believer of the program working for you. We all come with our own set of issues, limitations and blocks. In this program I ask that you be responsible for yourself and listen to your body. If you feel pain STOP. And modify- on your own or ask specifically to me, If you are not sure, get help ask your doctor.etc. you could also ask someone (dr, instructor etc) to watch you doing the program and get specifics for yourself. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT HURTS OR YOUR GUIDANCE SAYS NOT TO. That seems like something I should not have to say, and yet I guess that shows where our society is and the level of self responsibility we are embodying. INTERESTING. Also using MSM to visualize the movement will send the ‘signal’ to your body without actual movement and you will get stronger, more flexible and also healing can occur in this way.  In the PLUS and PREMIUM programs I will show some scientifically backed ‘tricks’ to get the most from your workout without stressing your system.

Q:What if I can not make it live to the group coaching call?

A:Each call will be recorded and available for replay within 24 hours of the original call. Calls will be available for replay for 3 weeks.

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