Classic Bio

Here is the ‘classic’ bio:

Throughout my 15 years of teaching body movement, pilates,ball dance, swimming and studying in depth the human body clients, friends and family started to complain that they couldn’t get to class. They had some valid and incredible excuses ranging from, child care issues, work schedules, distance, other engagements, budgets, etc. I started to think about how could I make a class that is easier to access, still feel connected to a group and be able to get an amazing workout and personal experience. This also creates a promise to yourself, a promise to be with and move your body in an easy, efficient way.  I know what It feels like to be unhappy in your body, I weighed 90 lbs more than I do now 13 years ago. I coached myself thru trial and error to be where I am today. I have also had freeworkoutsome amazing mentors like Krysstine Gubser, Julian Littleford, Venessa Rahlston, Eric Franklin, Laura Hames Franklin, Cassie Preskines and others. I have had major depression, debilitating injuries, over weight, emotional eating and pain. I know first hand what it feels like, and I am on the other side. I realized online and the amazing internet could be my ‘studio’ I could reach more of you and deliver a class that really meets you and gets your needs met too. I have worked with many clients some famous, some extremely kind hearted, some shy, some scared, some gentle, some tough, all human. This community is safe, heart felt and uber supportive. 

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