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June 2014. Now, I know this is a touchy topic, I am a little nervous to put this out there. Why? you gotta watch to see….(caution: I use some strong adult language).
I want you to dig deep on this one and really feel into, is this true for you? Is there a way you can use the image to motivate you based on the way it makes you feel? I am curious to hear your response. Do you have any women friends, co workers or family members who can relate to this? Have you ever had the conversation about the ‘woman’ I refer to in the video.  Share this video with them, have a laugh together and deeply explore the connection we have to ourselves and each other as women.
(If you are not a woman, imagine how this effects any of the women you love and care about.)
As cheesey as it may be, I full heartedly believe change in our world starts with embracing ourselves and each other in acceptance and love. Acknowledging emotions outloud, sharing, witnessing and supporting the all.

Hi. I had this thought about enjoying life, and what happens when we get caught up in the stress of it all. I don’t know about you but I do not have much fun when I am stressed out- and I am not much help to those I care about when I am am- and then that creates more stress because I am not where I want to be you know the drill…
So, Today I have a treat for you
check it out here:

I will lead you thru a quick example using a little movement to create a new perspective. Give it a go and let me know how you got on. I love hearing from you. If you like this, or think someone you know might, please share it with them.
I hope to see you live for my summer series, starts June 4th, for details.
remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!
I believe in you.

Afternoon slump?

What is your afternoon like?
Does your body go into a slump or a tired period in the afternoon? Do you crave sweets, coffee and all sorts of stuff that you don’t really want to have? I have been there too. This video is not about food or energy drinks- its about you, your attention and your body. And how to kick that slump – plus we have a special guest to help us do that!
What I notice is that we all like to have a little fun- watch and see what I caught on tape, thing is I saw 3 grown men do this activity in the span of 3 hours, I was actually really surprised!
The trick is that you really need to spend a moment noticing, I had an easy job since for me, the thing that stood out so strongly was my daughter and her behavior and mood and how it was shifted even if she was running a ‘tape’ in her head her actions showed me otherwise. I was like- YES that is it, we all are so good at this, what would happen if we could notice this little change and allow that to rally our way into a new pattern one that feels good and makes us smile. C’mon you kn ow everyone likes a smile- it just feels good, especially when its that deep down from the heart kind.
Check it out here:

Noticing how you feel in relation to where you want to be can really make all the difference. I would love to help you find your way to your dream (body, job, love, etc). check out my coaching programs. I love working with people one on one to really dive into the juice of what they are after, and the best part is seeing it all happen!
Hey there. A friend and client of mine asked me at her bi-weekly coaching call, how she could loose 15 lbs in 3 months without going on a major diet. I giggled, told her to watch a few other episodes of the weekly movement videos and then I heard my self say…..

And the cool thing is it really worked, She looked and felt amazing at the big event she had been planning for. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that it would work. Yet I know she works her body and she eats well, I know this because we talk about it in her coaching sessions. I also know she is the type of gal who really does her homework, Natalia I love that about you!
This wasn’t some crazy strategy to get her to whack out her body, this was about her attention, her changing from the inside out. It is amazing.
Please comment on your experiences and let me know if You have any questions you would like me to share my opinion with you in this video format. Thanks Y’all it is truly a pleasure.