What to expect.

Ready to walk your talk?

Become the woman you want to be.
I know when we are kept accountable, we show up for ourselves. Sometimes we need someone to help hold the space for our most precious gifts to emerge. My intention is to see you shine, to help guide you in realizing the gem that you (already) are. One step at a time.

You gotta Ask yourself:

  • Do you like the support and accountability of a friend or teacher?
  • Do you like to move your body?
  • Know your truth. Strengthen intuition and learn what your body is telling you.
  • Do you like input on how to inspire more joy, love and ease in your body?
  • Are you ready to dive in, look at your ‘excuses’ and make time for YOU?
  • Are you self motivated? Now and then, do you need a little pep talk to remind you what is important to you?
  • Are you interested in tools to reduce stress so that you are more productive, present and creative?


I will show you easy, embeddable ways to change your habits into your ideals. (I will also share the science of this) It is an inside job and I am your guidepost. It takes a bit of a leap of faith. I will walk with you and hold your hand, let’s go.
Think about it, when you are meeting someone to go for a workout it is easier to go because you know you committed to doing it together. And its more fun. The benefits are seen sooner since you are actually doing the work.

Inside out approach. I am a lady who believes that it all starts from within YOU. The way you look and feel about your body is an inside job. This can range from a feeling of overwhelm to elated joy. I will meet you where you are at any given moment. I will remind you of some ways to find YOUR right path again with fun, ease and love. I am not going to tell you how you will feel because I feel that it is a uniquely individual process and I look forward to hearing you tell ME about your experiences, and cultivate your ability to hear your body’s messages clearly.

 First off, have you tried my FREE workout– let’s make sure you like my style. I am all about setting you up for success, and first things first we gotta match. *giggles* 


These programs are not for everyone.

First Layer or “the cake” = $36/month. base






Second Layer or  “The frosting “frost
$150 $127/month Compared to other online class and group coaching rates you SAVE $175 with this program.
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applicationThird layer or “The cherry on top”

This program is valued at over $650 a month.
Get it now for $292/month –cherry

In addition to PayPal. I also accept money orders, checks and cash. Contact me for more details on this. alissaraehill@gmail.com. These programs are non-refundable. terms and conditions.




Here are some words from others about their experiences with me:

“I am really grateful for the way you coach me. It feels you really tune in to what my body needs from a FUNDAMENTAL perspective. I notice that I enjoy moving more and more. It is not the big PUSH anymore… it is like my body tells me: let’s have some fun!
Welcoming more of it… and really believe in the reality of the pureness/essence of being ME. Thank you, Alissa. This is amazing.”
-eg, The Netherlands

“This training is and has been vital for me in many ways! The accountability was a game changer. I actually did the workouts and I feel strongly connected to myself and others. I am signing up for another month now!” – ak, utah, usa


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