About (the program)


Would you like to:

  •  Feel better in and about your body. Experience joy and relaxation like never before.
  • Learn how to relax your nervous system and get out of fight or flight mode.
  • Learn how your body in designed & how to function more optimally with less effort.
  • Your workout can now be a place where you bring more awareness to your body. 
  • Feeling the connection of movement in your body means movement in your life.
  • Learn the mental and emotional components to weight loss, flexibility, agility, stress and health.  And what that means for YOU specifically.
  • Movements that are unique, you haven’t had a workout that includes all these concepts before.
  • Create strength, relaxation, elasticity and power in your body.
  • Let go of limiting belief systems and thought patterns that are no longer serving you. 


“Through working with Alissa — I am holding tension less, I breathe more deeply, talk more from my center, I inhabit my body with more awareness.” – Susan Kay Preslar, has two grown children and is currently working on her first book.



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