30 day (RE) boot

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This Program is for those of you who know:

when you move your body you feel better.

Who know, intuitively that when you feel stuck in your body, you are stuck in your life. 


This program is a journey.

It is a daily commitment to yourself. It is a challenge.

Through out this program you may be sore. You may discover muscles and movements you didnt know you could do.

You might even find you are in a lighter mood, have more energy or are kinder to your kids, many women report (privately) that they are surprised that they actually want to have sex with their husbands more often! I say whoot, whoot!

You are more than your amazing ideas and dreams, in this program you will get drawn deeper still into YOU, your physical you – where your dreams can make maifest. You will learn more about your body, what it means to show up and really, confidently know what it feels like inside your skin.


You will:

  • Calm your nervous system and why that’s vital in keeping excess weight off.
  • Strengthen your body from the inside out. Feel the changes and create new patterns.
  • Dance. write. draw. move. As a way to express you unconscious and allow for more ease and joy, now.
  • Bring more elasticity to your skin so they hug your muscles again.
  • Genuine, compassion and love for yourself and others.
  • Increase creativity. better decision making.
  • Be witnessed and heard in a safe, open friendly community.
  • Condition your heart, and the truth about optimal heart rate zones.
  • Carve out time for you to recharge.
  • Why imagery will change your life from a scientific point of view.
  • What it feels like when your body says YES.
  • and more.


When you create the experience in your body that you most desire to feel, you create a memory. Your nervous system is then able to recreate this feeling based on that memory. We get better at what we practice, so why not practice feeling amazing? I know you may be skeptical, I was too.

You simply have to try it to believe it. 

Ready to feel invigorated, calm, alive, ease, rejuvenated, vibrant, energetic, grateful, clear, grounded relaxed, open, ……before, during and after your workout? Join us.

the next (RE) boot starts Late June 2017.
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The program is…

This is completely online. a unique 1/2 hour video will be available to you everyday. Videos will include goal setting, nutrition, sculpting, cardio, body mind connection exercises. You will walk away feeling more toned, elastic, connected in your body. It is a way to kick start your system and motivate your self to take the next step what ever that may be. spark your intention, meet your goals and get your body moving. You will have access to the videos for about 45 days to ensure you can complete the program. afterwards you will be asked if you would like to joining the ongoing floor class for a fraction of the cost….

What else? Do you have more questions?

Please contact me if you do. movewithalissa@gmail.com

Here is what is being said about the (re)boot:
I loved how understanding why we tune in made a difference in my ability to focus! After the floor work, I felt a lot of muscles pulsing and vibrant. My legs shake with the squats and I love how my abs feel like they are glowing!” -QMP

…it’s a very “do-able” program. 25-35 min a day is a reasonable amount of time to spend on oneself. After even just a couple of weeks of this program I have gained so much more strength, as well as a genuine desire to workout and move daily. “-JR


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