Mind Body Workshop

Find the Balance.

Mind Body Workshop
Oct 9th
1-3 pm
Roxbourough Intermediate.

Becca and Alissa are excited to bring you a workout that is balanced. We will be doing some boot camp style strength training exercises, deep release work, cardio, small intrinsic muscle work, nervous system regulation, and more.

We will also be reminding you to stay with your experience, to meet it right where you are and to enjoy yourself.

There will be moments of heart pounding,  moments of deep slow breathes, moments of feeling the burn, and feeling the release.

This is going to be fun.
Becca Jay 303.564.9161
Photo on 10-8-14 at 2.14 PM
Alissa Rae Hill 541.292.4998

We will be selling Franklin Method balls and bands at the event as well.

Our goal is to provide you with a balanced (both challenging and calming) workout that deeply supports you.


If you bring a friend it is $30 each.
Please include your friend’s name on the form below for the full discount.

Mind Body Workshop
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See you there.