A workout that teaches you how to … become more

centered and calm

even in your most intense moments.

Would you like all of your choices, actions and responses come from a place of relaxed, authentic vibrant ease VS. scatter, stress and overwhelm? We get what we practice, and when the goin’ gets tough we get to see what we have been practicing.


This is an online workout program designed to relive stress, overwhelm and be preventative towards illness, injury and stress.


The side effects may include: a more productive, creative, connected life.Toned, elastic, supportive body. Increased intuition and glow. A general feeling of well-being and kindhearted-ness.




“Here’s why I love Alissa’s floor class: I can tune in whenever it works for my schedule for however long I want; I can mix and match between cardio and sculpting; the routines change every 10 days so I don’t get tired of them; Alissa gives options for degrees of difficulty; I can take Alissa with me when I travel; and best of all, I feel energized in body, mind and spirit every time I give myself the gift of working out with Alissa online!”
-Alison B-

“I started Alissa’s classes after 8 years of struggling with an increasingly painful hip that had taken me on the rounds of several physical therapists (various diagnoses), an orthopedic surgeon (arthritis), lots of massage (weak and tight psoas), all the while continuing an intense yoga practice that I believed should cure anything. Nothing worked, and as the years went by I slowly cut back on movement to avoid the pain. Alissa’s semi-privates and floor classes helped me almost immediately to feel better and to begin to understand the underlying conditions that had caused the problem. I still don’t have a medical diagnosis, but now that doesn’t seem important anymore because I know I’m getting better. Alissa teaches from a striking understanding of the mind/body connection, and believes our brains crave novelty and we perform best when we get it. Every class with her is different, nothing feels routine and repetitive. I am amazed that at age 60+ I can still get stronger!” -KH


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