Please Join me and two fantastic health experts and moms Emily Sullivan and Rachel Hall. Next Wednesday Feb. 22nd for our free webinar “Mom’s Spa Day”  

1:30pm GMT// 8:30am EST.

{there will be a replay}

In this hour we intend to take you on a journey- inward- in a grounded and fun way. Come experience the potency of your mind, the brilliance of your body and the easy connection between the two. Learn take home tools that will transform simple moments, and leave you feeling as if you’ve just come from the spa.

​Please go to to reserve your space.

​Feel free to share this with any mom friends you think would enjoy this too. 
Let’s be real, we could all use a day at the spa!





{A unique blend of pilates, dance, Franklin Method, calisthenics and mindfulness}

I also do UHP sessions with people to improve communication and the ability to move through life with greater empowerment.

Sometimes and upon request  I weave these two modalities together {movement + UHP} – currently only in private lessons.

Live and Online possibilities for all offerings.




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